Everywhere across the world there is a wave of increasing energy bills, caused by rising oil prices and increased demand of energy. Whatever the reason for the increase, it is impacting all of us. In Europe buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of EU CO2 emissions. Knowing this, saving money by conserving energy is a very smart investment.

Today it is obligatory that all new buildings use less or even producing their own energy and that the building is designed to minimize energy use and is insulated as effectively as possible.

Windows and doors are the single biggest source of energy loss in buildings. One way to conserve energy is to replace building’s windows with energy saving and energy producing ones. This will insulate your building four times more and will save you money and utility costs.

There are various combinations of frames/ glazing and fixtures that can be used to provide the optimum solution for making your building energy efficient. But even then, a poor use of the materials will result nothing. That’s why you need us. GEOPET can take you through the decision process by providing information on the types of energy efficient windows available. We will then follow through with quotation/ recommendations/ measuring/ fitting and maintenance advice.

Help both yourself and the planet.