Geopet is a family operated company.     George Petrou, founder, is one of pioneers in manufacturing of aluminium doors and windows in the local market. As a highly skilled steel craftsman he was assigned the task to manufacture doors and front-shops from a very modern material for the time, aluminium. That took place in Kerynia in early 60’s. After the successful completion he diversified from steel to aluminium and continued developing material and equipment at his factory in Morfou. That endeavour stopped temporarily, after the tragic events of Turkish invasion in 1974 he, when he, as many Cypriots, became a refuge.

Soon enough, in 1979, with the help of his wife Eleni founded Geopet and got back in business. Since then the company has grown in the leading local company in aluminium manufacture of doors, windows and façades.

During late 90’s the company’s operation moved to a new modern factory, equipped with cutting-edge technology machinery. On the same time second generation of family members started joining the company. That drove to new partnerships with worldwide brands that strengthened the company’s portfolio both in products and projects, especially in energy saving systems.  

Nowadays GEOPET has entered a new era, that of energy producing systems for doors, windows and façades and is ready to help on the very big challenge we are all facing, to sustain our planet.